Braised Lamb Shanks

Its finally cold here in Arizona, it only took till December this year. I was so sick of the heat, and missing winter comfort food. As soon as the temperatures started to drop all I could think about was braised lamb shanks, cooked low and slow for hours. Partially because I wanted to use the oven to heat the house, which doesn't have a good heater. These lamb shanks are super easy to make, and since its a cheaper cut of lamb, very affordable. We always cook ours with root veggies to stretch the dish.

This meal was also served with saffron rice (from a packet, we were trying it to see if it would be good for captain insane-o's mom because she was looking for a good, easy, quick saffron rice) and brussel sprouts cooked with bacon and port wine.

Lamb Shanks:
Ingredients - 2 lamb shanks, carrots, celery root, shallot, garlic, leek, potato (or turnip), salt/pepper to taste, and if you have it lying around...a good sprinkling of herbs de provence. A red wine of some sort, we usually use a Pinot Noir but a Syrah works well too.

Place the lamb shanks in a roasting pan (you can brown them if you want but we were feeling lazy and skipped it) and then pour in the wine till the shanks are at least 3/4 of the way covered.

Next the carrots, celery root, potato and get put in the roasting pan.

Quickly saute the shallot, garlic and leek. They dont have to be cooked till translucent, just enough to start releasing their flavor.

Add the saute'd vegetables into pan, sprinkle with salt/pepper and herbs de provence. Cover and place in the oven at 250-300 for three to four hours.

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